To facilitate, through charitable donations, an additional funding resource to reach a goal of 100% opportunity for ballistic protection for K9s and reducing K9 line of duty deaths to 0% annually.

Through education of the importance of ballistic protection, to Law Enforcement agencies and the public, by the organization and expansion of the financial ability to be charitable in assisting with the provision of ballistic vests, Protecting K9 Heroes perpetuates the good health of working K9s and promotes the opportunity for the working dog AND their handler to come home safe after every shift.


In recognizing the budgetary constraints of agencies, Protecting K9 Heroes works to supplement the ability to properly protect the valuable assets that are the working K9s throughout the United States.

Protecting K9 Heroes will provide Ballistic Vests, Medical Kits, NARCAN and any other protective gear to as many working K9s as we are able.

Our direct and indirect efforts are made to reach the goal of 0% of the K9s in service suffering from being killed or gravely injured in the line of duty.

Our continued recognition and respect for the working K9s, and the critical role they play in all aspects of Law Enforcement causes us to be their voice, and their protectors.


On August 26th, 2014, K9 Kye of the Oklahoma City Police Department was killed in the line of duty by a knife wielding burglary suspect fleeing from apprehension. Our founder, Staci Goveia, was touched by this incident and other incidents that followed.

And since 2015, our founder began a personal campaign to make a difference.

Protecting K9 Heroes Founder, Staci Goveia

In that spirit, our founder, in the charitable gifting of ballistic protection vests for K9s, has directly or cooperatively provided over 650 vests to K9s throughout the United States.

The line of duty death of K9 Jethro of the Canton, Ohio Police Department in 2016 motivated our founder even deeper into action. In 2017, that volunteer role was expanded into this formal organization to both perpetuate and expand this important cause.

As a longtime part of the Law Enforcement community, including membership in the Blue Line family, our founder understands the constraints of agency budgets and the ever-daunting task of obtaining and maintaining proper K-9 protection.

By taking the time and making the effort to bring Protecting K9 Heroes to life, there is a collective prayer, focus and goal of ensuring 100% of the lives of these working K9s have opportunity to thrive and to reduce the number of K9s killed in action annually to 0%.